There’s a good reason why so many businesses are turning to explainer videos as a way to promote their products and services. These short, animated videos are able to tell a brand story in a way that helps to convert potential customers. Even better, these videos are optimized for mobile, so they can be viewed on any device at any time.

If you’re selling complex products, or services that are based on abstract concepts (like “the cloud”), or completely innovative products that haven’t been seen before, then explainer videos are particularly useful.

They can distill down a single brand story into less than two minutes, complete with animated characters and an overall narrative.

There are easy ways to get cheap explainer videos, of course. You might even find someone who will provide some fairly stellar animation work at little or no cost.

Cheap Explainer Videos for Startups

If you’re looking to get a great explainer video at a reasonable price, though, then you need to find someone with the ability to transform complex business concepts into a fun, engaging narrative.

The best explainer videos are like short animated movies – they have a clear narrative storyline (a beginning, middle and end) as well as unique characters that help to bring the narrative to life.

Visualizing what a good explainer video looks like

Take, for example, a company that provides managed IT infrastructure services via the cloud. Just that sentence alone is filled with a lot of jargon that probably makes your eyes glaze over. Transforming that concept into a great explainer video requires a certain amount of business know-how as well as great animation skills.

One solution might be to create an explainer video the same way you would an animated cartoon. You’d want to have a protagonist that the viewer can cheer on, and you’d want to have an evil villain. Moreover, you’d want to set up a problem and its resolution as part of a storyline that immediately connects with the average viewer.

Put it all together, and you might get something like what Innova Motion Studio created for Fly With Me App.

And the better the animation artwork and the overall storyline, the better your conversion rates are going to be. But there’s a definite trade-off involved here.

If your only goal is to keep costs down, you might get a video, but it won’t convert. And if you decide to go premium high-end, the costs will be so high that you might not ever breakeven with your sales.

The best way to get a cheap explainer video, then, is to go with an animation studio that can provide a custom-designed solution at a cost-effective price point.

A company like Innova Motion Studio, which has worked with companies in a wide range of industries, can put together an explainer video at a relatively low price point that can really help to drive the future growth of your business.

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