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Every Second That Your App Doesn’t Have an Explainer Video, is Another Potential User Lost

What Exactly is a Mobile App Explainer Video?

App Explainer videos are exactly that: videos that explain your app.

In the multi-sensory world of modern marketing that we now find ourselves in, the businesses that get noticed the most are those that appeal to consumers on multiple levels.

This means that if you’re going to launch your app – explainer videos are the number one medium for delivering your marketing objectives. In fact, they are among the fastest growing type of marketing media currently online. It’s especially important now, in the age of the internet – when all we have is a few seconds to emotionally engage our audiences before competitors swoop in.

The success of your business is determined by a lot of things – and above all, your future rests on the conversion of your marketing into sales. That’s where adding an App Explainer Video to your digital marketing comes in. This simple and effective tool can massively boost your sales by up to 85%. In fact, most studies show that when potential customers see a video, they buy the product. Or in your case, they’ll download the app.

And what’s more? App Explainer Videos can be animated – opening up a whole universe of possibilities and logistics that otherwise cannot be met with hired actors.



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How Does An App Explainer Video Work?

Your landing page is a window into your business, so if it lacks imagination or engaging visual material – it reflects badly on you and your app.

App Explainer Videos work by adding a human element to your digital space. They help demonstrate the transformative benefits and features of a given product or service.

Whether it’s the untold story of your brand, an abstract idea, or a short clip dedicated to exploring your unique product, your app explainer video has the power to drive a narrative forward – and incite emotion in a way no other medium can.

Remember, if you want your business or brand to be taken seriously in the modern age, you need to stay ahead of the times. Using an app explainer video in marketing will build consumer trust in your brand, and building trust means building sales.

Consumer internet video traffic is currently 80% of all internet traffic across the world, and video often transcends language and culture barriers too – so you can engage a more global demographic.

Plus, as companies fight to mark their territory in an increasingly saturated market, an app explainer video can help you to cut through the noise and show people why your app is the superior choice.

We often forget that while the rest of us have welcomed the arrival of smartphones, laptops and tablets at different ages, newer generations have arrived into a world already revolving around the buzz of the latest apps. There’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t leverage this practical and actionable tool into your marketing arsenal.

How It Works

Benefits Of A Video for your Mobile Aplication

Increase Engagement

Potential buyers don’t want to see videos of salespeople telling them why your app is so great. But they will stick around for an animated app explainer video, which tells the story of your app in a deeper and more valuable way.

Boost Conversions

You will see a huge boost in conversions by having app demos, reviews or even testimonials. That’s because an app explainer video allows for customers to see exactly what they’re purchasing before they click confirm at checkout. This in turn, means customers are far less likely to delete or request refunds.

Inspire The Impossible

Animation isn’t bound by the laws of the universe, that means you can create whatever you can imagine. You don’t have to hire human actors and hope for the best, you can make your characters do exactly what you want.

Minimize Learning Curves

An App Explainer Video will minimize the learning curve and simplify the process. An increase in your sales will also come with the added benefit of customers sending fewer support requests.

Experience Meets Execution

Innova Motion Studio has been making videos for mobile applications for over 8 years. We have mastered the art of creating engaging and entertaining video content – so we can cover all bases effortlessly.

Why Choose Us?

At Innova Motion, we take your ideas and morph them into a dynamic explainer video. When you partner with us for your video marketing projects, attention to detail, exceptional design, and competitive pricing come as standard.

The heart of everything we stand for here can be encapsulated in one word: success – and this trickles down from the very top into every project we undertake. Unlike other video animators, we focus solely on Mobile App Explainer Videos, making us the specialists in this area – and with 8 years of experience, we know a thing or two about how to sell your app.

With our superior services, advanced technology and in-house expertise, increasing your conversion rates is always the goal. Think more traffic, more leads, and boosted sales.

Plus, did you know that 96% of people say they watch explainer videos to learn more about a product or service? Or that 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Here, we’re offering upcoming and established businesses the same masterful marketing resources, solutions and support offered in the wider corporate world.

And what’s more?

Our approach is fully integrated – allowing us to be well-informed, competitive and custom tailored for each client’s unique needs and desires. That means you save time and money, while improving your bottom line, maximizing performance and watching your profits grow.

From all our experience working with app development, we understand what owners and entrepreneurs need, and we believe that’s what makes us the superior provider for helping businesses plan, build and introduce ambitious video campaigns.

And we stay dynamic, just like the ever-changing marketplace so we’re always ahead of the curve. With our understanding of the high-performance video marketing industry, we’ll shape tomorrow’s horizon for your mobile app.

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Our Process

We have a very simple 3 step process:


Simply share the script you want to use or let us craft our masterful copy for your script.


Our ready-to-go and fully integrated solutions mean our designers can work quickly and efficiently to create a short engaging video for your mobile app. You will maintain full control of how your video’s voiceover will sound.


The final stage is when your product is ready thanks to the talent of our animators. You’ll get to watch your imagination come to life on screen.

What Our Clients Say

It’s was amazing to work with such a professional. Communication was fast and the final product was so much more than I expected – Animations are really smooth and look so smart. Also for the last animation of my logo (which I did not ask for) is just over satisfying. If you want to get a really outstanding app explainer video he is definitely the right man. Thank you for working with me.

– Patrick Prader

Logo marKoub Blanc

Miguel was amazing throughout the entire process. I didn’t have to explain anything twice despite the huge list of additional instructions I kept sending him. He has excellent communication skills, professional and friendly. I didn’t face any issue collaborating with him on my company’s project and I would definitely recommend them to my entourage. Until next time! :)

– Salma

Wow! Colour me impressed. We asked for an explainer video for our mobile app – the voiceover is perfect quality and easy to understand and the animations were smooth and on-brand. The end product was more than what I was hoping for and the communication was concise, clear and on point. The timeframe to complete the project was accurate, and the slight revision I asked for was delivered quickly. I will definitely use their services again. Thank you so much!

– Fly With Me

We Are Ready When You Are


Stop wasting time. Every second that your app doesn’t have a video, is another potential user lost. Innova Motion lets you have your own app video explainer to help market your app.


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