Mobile App Promo Video Service

It’s Time To Increase Your Downloads And Boost Your App’s Exposure.

The Power Of A Mobile App Promo Video

Users often scroll through their phones, searching for app after app. What you need, is for them to stop on your page and hit that download button. You need to immediately grab their attention and pull their focus onto your app.

Video is an engaging and compelling medium that instantly hooks users. Mobile apps that use promo videos keep visitor’s attention longer than those who don’t. Did you know the average user spends 88% more time on a website that has a video? That should make you wonder how much longer they’ll spend on your app page if you have a dynamic video to go along with it.

We all know the longer a user spends on your page, the higher the chances that they will download your app. And more downloads is the game everyone is playing.

But you’re not playing just to play. You’re playing to win. That’s why at Innova Motion, we have created the best mobile app promo video templates, just for you. The good news, is that you don’t need to be a filmmaker to make a killer promo video. We have created a selection of energizing and stylish videos designed to keep potential users engaged.

Mobile App Promo Video Services

Mobile App Promotional Videos and Animations

  • Mobile App Tutorial or Custom Screencast
  • Dynamic App Promo
  • App Promo Phone
  • Fast App Promo
  • Energizing App Promo
  • Quick Mobile App Promo
  • Cool App Promo
  • Quick App Promo
Mobile App Promo Video Services

You Only Have A Few Seconds

In today’s fast-paced world, you only have mere seconds to grab ahold of people’s attention. Scrolling through pictures of your app is not nearly as captivating as a quick app promo video. I mean, would you rather click on the app that has a video, or one that doesn’t? We thought so.

Educate your potential users quickly through mobile app promotional videos. Our video templates allow you to inform users on exactly what your app does.

Generate Buzz

Our app promo video services aren’t just for your page in the app store. Make your promo video work for you by sharing it on YouTube and all of your app’s social profiles. This is the perfect marketing tool for your app, and you can broadcast it anywhere and everywhere.

Build Brand Identity

Nike doesn’t need to have commercials anymore. So, why do they? To keep building their brand identity and reinforcing brand loyalty. Your app isn’t just something to download. It’s an experience. Give users that same experience by showcasing it through an app promo video, before they ever click to download. Now that they know what to expect, they will be much more likely to become a registered user.

App Promo Video Service
How It Works

How It Works

Okay, you know you need an app promo video to help your app rank better. But not everyone has a huge budget to blow on marketing. At Innova Motion, we understand this, which is why we make it easy and affordable for you to have your very own promo video.

We offer a capsule collection of dynamic video options, so you can choose a template that matches your app’s vibe. Look for something energizing? We’ve got you. What about something cool and calm? We can do that, too. Our templates offer a variety of styles and one is sure to match your brand’s voice.


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Stop wasting time. Every second that your app doesn’t have a video, is another potential user lost. Innova Motion lets you have your own app promo video to help market your app.


It’s time to increase your downloads and boost your app’s exposure.


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Let’s take a quick moment to answer some typical questions asked by clients before they choose buying our services.

What do I receive if I buy any of your promotional videos for mobile applications?

You will receive the final video in mp4 format, ready to be uploaded to your App page and social media profiles.

Do I need to supply all the screenshots and text titles for the video?

Yes, you have to send us any screenshots, text titles and logo/icon. For best results, we encourage you send us high quality images.

In the case you do not have time or desire to write the texts or send us screenshots, we can take care of them. We will charge you a extra for it depending on the template you have chosen. Just place your order normally and add the extra option for it on the product page.

When will I receive the final video?

You can expect to receive the video in 24-48 hours. For custom videos we will need more time, and that will depend on your requirements.

Will the video have a watermark?

No, your video will be delivered without a watermark.

What happens if I’m not happy with the final result?

No worries! We offer unlimited FREE revisions until you are happy with the final version of the video.

Can I receive a copyright claim regarding the video or music?

No, you will have the full copyrights to the video and the music.

Can I receive a discount?

Yes! Typically, we have videos on sale and from time to time we also offer coupons. You can also receive an additional 20% discount if you pay with crypto.

Do you offer bulk discount if I order more than one video?

Absolutely! Contact us at [email protected] with the number of Apps you want to promote, and we will send you a quote.

What are the different types of payment methods?

Credit card, Paypal and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Ethereum).

Is this a secure site for purchases?

Absolutely! We work with Stripe, Paypal and Coinbase, which guarantees your safety and security. All site communication and data transfers are secured and encrypted.

Do you save credit card details?

No, absolutely not. Your credit card details are not stored on our servers. The information goes directly from your computer to our payment service provider.

Can we talk before starting my project?

Of course! Just contact us at [email protected] or send us a message through the contact page.