The primary reason to make a custom explainer video is to clarify what your company does and how your products or solutions are different than those of the competition. If you can do that well, then you can increase the conversion rates of prospects coming to your website, and in turn, increase your overall sales.

That might sound obvious, but it’s always surprising how many companies squander this opportunity. They try to fill their explainer videos with all kinds of jargon, or simply take the same text from their website and try to squeeze it into an animated two-minute explainer video. But remember – you are trying to make things easier to understand, not harder.

Keep it Simple

As a result, explainer videos work especially well for two types of companies: (1) those that sell complex products or services and (2) those that are offering innovative products or services that are not yet mainstream but have the potential to disrupt an industry. In both cases, there is a certain amount of education of the consumer that needs to take place in order to make the final sale.

The explainer video as your personal two-minute elevator pitch

The traditional approach to educating the consumer is to write a series of blog posts about what you offer, or to create detailed whitepapers. However, it’s a lot easier to watch a two-minute video than to read a long, complex document. The best custom explainer videos are extraordinarily entertaining and can hold the viewer’s attention for enough time to explain what your company does and what types of products it offers.

From that perspective, you can think of the typical explainer video as a brief two-minute elevator pitch that’s tailored for people coming to your website for the first time. If you check out the website for Innova Motion, you can see very concrete examples of how companies from a broad range of different industries are using their explainer videos to describe succinctly what they offer in a very entertaining manner.

Explainer Video Example by Innova Motion Studio

Explainer videos are optimized for today’s Internet

Finally, keep in mind that we’ve now reached a tipping point where more Internet content is consumed on mobile devices than the desktop. That means key decision-makers who are interested in learning about your company are more likely to be checking you out on their smartphone or tablet. And, by far, people would rather watch a short video on these devices than try to scroll through a long article on a tiny screen explaining what your company does.

And, of course, there are a number of additional effects that your business will get from an explainer video beyond just higher conversion rates. A good explainer video – if it’s placed on the home page of your website – could boost your Google search results. It could also lead to an increase in engagement on your social media sites if people are sharing this explainer video on Facebook or Twitter.

But, again, the primary reason to create a custom explainer video is to increase conversion rates. If people understand the value proposition of your business and can clearly grasp your competitive advantages, they will be more likely to buy from you. And that’s going to create the basis for the further revenue growth of your business.